New Year's Resolutions: How to Make Ones That Stick

Study Together Team




With 2023 around the corner, what better time to talk about New Year’s resolutions? Studies have shown that we’re more motivated to tackle goals when a significant temporal milestone passes - such as a new day, month, or in this case: a new year. These temporal landmarks can be used as review periods, encouraging us to take a big-picture view of our past, present, and future.

The unfortunate truth is: most resolutions don’t stick! Research suggests that only 8% are still upheld after 6 months. Why? Experts blame the following: 

  1. The goals weren’t specific enough. Instead of setting vague goals such as “exercise more” try to be more specific: for instance with “practice yoga 3x a week”!
  2. The goals were framed with negative rather than positive language. Rather than giving up junk food, set out to eat more veggies. The positive language around addition will make you focus on the veggies rather than on the junk food. Out of sight, out of mind.

A short list of suggestions: 

  1. Read for fun! 💡Research suggests that reading literary fiction is “an effective way to enhance the brain's ability to keep an open mind while processing information”. 
  2. Step outside your comfort zone and try our a new recipe every week. 
  3. Start saving for a specific goal. Budgeting apps like Mint are great to help you understand and improve your spending habits as painlessly as possible. 
  4. Take up a hobby that doesn’t involve a screen - like pottery or knitting! You’ll even walk away with something tangible to treasure. 
  5. Set up a monthly or weekly activity with your family or friends. Putting in a little extra effort will help all of your relationships stay strong. 

We asked around the office, and here’s what the team had to say: 

Arlett: "Improve my English grammar and master the butterfly pose in yoga."

Marita: "Complete my next semester of Dentistry!"

Theresa: "Try a digital detox from 8pm to 8am."

Lukas: "Hit 2 million users on Study Together!"

Nadir: "To be mindful and write in my journal twice, every day 🧠 !"

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