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very own study universe!


Forget the outside world 🧠

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Do you ever have trouble concentrating because your surroundings are too cluttered?
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Do you have a hard time zoning out the noise at home?
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Do you ever wish you could teleport into a different world?

How it works

Create your very own study environment and say goodbye to distractions and procrastination.

Design your private study room with custom backgrounds, ambient noise, or science-backed binaural beats. Forget the noise and the clutter at home and (virtually) commute into a space that's yours and yours alone.

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What to expect:

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Teleport Yourself to Productivity 🌎

Set the scene with atmospheric backgrounds. Transport yourself to the study environment of your dreams, no matter where you're studying IRL.

Set the Mood 🎶

When studying, complete silence can be counterproductive. Studies show that subtle background noise can fuel creativity and reduce stress. Try out our library of ambient noises and find what works for you, or check out binaural beats, which have been linked to increased concentration and alertness and improved memory.


Study at Your Own Pace ⏰

Giving yourself study breaks is crucial for productivity. That's why our timers have designated break times. Try out 25 minutes of work with 5 minute breaks, 50 minutes of work with 10 minute breaks, or decide on a unique ratio that works for you.

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish 🧭

Set goals for the session and check them off as you complete them. Going into a session with a clear list of goals – and actually achieving them – will help you stay motivated. After all: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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SOS - Send Help 🚨

You're not alone! A whole roster of community tutors is just a click away if you ever get stuck on an assignment.

What are you waiting for? 💜

This space is about you and your goals. Come in, make yourself at home, and watch outside world distractions disappear.

When creating your ideal study environment, the only limit is your imagination. Escape the chaos and the noise, and zone in on your priorities.

Binaural beats have been linked to increased concentration and alertness, problem-solving, and improved memory.