Sick of Googling “places to study near me”?

You’re in luck! Our virtual Study Rooms are accessible from all over the world, and open 24/7. Say goodbye to overcrowded libraries and expensive study cafes, log in to our free study rooms.

Whenever, wherever

Welcome to a study universe that’s available to you whenever - and wherever -
you need it (supportive community of study-buddies and tutors included)!

Say goodbye to study-session interruptions and inconvenient opening hours:
our virtual study rooms are open all day and all night, and accessible from anywhere.
Just log in, set yourself up, and start smashing your goals.
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Studying in a library vs. studying virtually

Laser focus - from your personal study spot

Let’s be honest: looking for perfect places to study can be a waste of time and money. The commute can be time-consuming, expensive, uncomfortable. What if you could harness the benefits of a library or café.

Hello, night owls - looking for late night study spots? 

Do you like going to cafes to study? Good luck finding one that’s open all night! Not that we condone all nighters, but if you need to cram all night, what could be better than a late night study spot where you can sit in your pyjamas and fall into bed when you’re done?
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Skip the commute - make your home your very own study café!

We’ve all been there. We pack our bag, get on the bus or train to our favourite study spot, and arrive to find no free desks, or we have to pay for a coffee or a meal to stay. Sound familiar? Virtual study rooms are one of the best places to study for this exact reason!

Study on your terms

The best part about our virtual study spots is that your experience is customisable to your needs (and moods)! Want the studious vibe of a library without battling for a free desk? Or the bustling ambiance of a coffee shop without the overpriced lattés? Use one of our backgrounds to transport yourself to your favourite library or cafe without the drawbacks.
Study stream friends

3 easy steps to create your own study place:

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Start right away

Joining Study Together for free is all that stands between you and your personal study streaming.
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Get the hang of it

Every person studies differently. This is why we have different groups & learning possibilities to make it easier for you.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Time flies when you are having fun. With our detailed analytics, you will see the progress you have made already and create a habit.

Places to study near me?