Let’s create a world where everyone enjoys learning.

Our story has just begun and we already are the largest and most active student community in the world. Yes, we dream big and we make it happen.

Are you in?

We are from everywhere. We have no race, no color, no gender.

We are sporty and lazy. We are vegans and omnivores. We are shy and extroverted. We talk loud and we keep it down. We are very different people.
But we do have a lot in common. We envision, we work hard, we collaborate, we celebrate, we recognize. We work really well together.

Meet here the Study Together squad

More about:
We have fun

First work, then ... BS! Work & fun are inseparable at Study Together.

We want more

Greedy? No, Ambitious. Creativity and courage move us forward.

We are different

And that’s a good thing! We could not be more different – and yet we are one.

We are doers

Just words? Not to us. Ideas have no value if we don’t bring them to life.

Shape the future of learning

The greatest innovations rarely arise from one person – we prefer to work together. Because our strength is our team and its unique members.

We are curious

Nobody knows everything ... Nope, not even your boss! That’s why we believe in learning by doing.

More than nice words.

Working at Study Together is both meaningful and fun.

„More than four years with Study Together and I am still learning new things continuously every day. Initiative and ideas count more than an impressive CV – and I think that's beautiful.“

Head of Design

„It is great to see how we are able to support and motivate our community and how it impacts them positively. I enjoy working with a fantastic and motivating team, who is pushing on that principle every day.“

Com. Support Coordinator

"We are team players at Study Together. Support is the be-all and end-all. We take responsibility for jointly provided services and never let each other down!"

Workingst. Customer Success

„Building a product that helps to keep students motivated is super rewarding. It is nice to see that all of our hard work can actually make a difference in the lives of our users and that motivates me every single day“

Product Managemant

“I love the challenge of communicating with such a large audience in over 160 countries on various platforms and analyzing the different study behaviours people have and react accordingly.”

Social Media

„We are building and integrating a lot of features into our platform to make the studying process easier and more fun. It is so great to see how the team can grow professionally and try out new things“

Head of IT

„I highly recommend doing an internship here to all future interested parties. You can not only learn a lot of technical stuff here, but also find yourself in a special team and a great corporate culture.“

Lioba Waldburg
Werkstdt. Graphic Design

„After more than two years with charly, I can look behind and see that I made a huge growth both professionally and as a person having always a lot of fun along the way.“

Tomasz Koziara
Backend Engineer

"As being part of this amazing team for 4 years already, I can guarantee that not only is it incredibly fun to work here, but you are part of great projects and never stop learning."

Milana Drechsel
Marketing Manager

We are data-driven

Team members
Office dogs
Excel pros
Night owls

To see how the team challenges the status quo, but also me as a CEO. How creative it is and how it grows every day. That makes me proud.

Cecil von Croÿ, CEO

Our grades are just as good as our communitys'

Top Company
Open Company
Fun with learning...
and in the team

Your Benefits

Room for development

You are not stuck in the release loop – we will let you do!

Further education

We grow when you grow. Grow with us through continuous training.

A colorful bunch

We speak 12 languages – and understand each other wonderfully.

One family

We celebrate our successes together in team events.

Food & drinks

Lunch program, drinks, coffee and Friday pizza.

Home sweet home

Home office is always possible – we trust you and your work.

We are flexibel

Our working time model adapts to you – not the other way around.

Free Fridays

Every second Friday the whole team is off - including you.


Competitive salaries and bonuses are a matter of course.

This is how we deal with COVID-19 at Study Together


As an employer, we also want to fulfill our responsibility during the crisis. Since March 2020, therefore, not only has our team moved to the home office, but our recruiting has also been redesigned remotely.

To protect you and our team, we currently conduct our interviews via Google Hangouts. As soon as we have agreed on a date, you will receive a link from us that you can use to participate in the video interview

Should you have technical problems with this, we are of course flexible to find another solution.


If you are located in Berlin, we would ask you to come to our office on your first day of work to pick up your work materials. Depending on both your and your team's comfort, the onboarding can be done from home or from the office. 

Of course, we have hygiene rules, mask requirement and speed tests there.

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time. 
We are looking forward to your application!

We only miss you?

Open positions at Study Together

No open positions. Check out our other jobs – or apply anyway!
No open positions. Check out our other jobs – or apply anyway!
No open positions. Check out our other jobs – or apply anyway!
No open positions. Check out our other jobs – or apply anyway!
No open positions. Check out our other jobs – or apply anyway!
No open positions. Check out our other jobs – or apply anyway!
No open positions. Check out our other jobs – or apply anyway!
No open positions. Check out our other jobs – or apply anyway!
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