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How to Tackle Exam Stress

When students hear of exams, emotions of worry and anxiety may arise. Having coping skills to tackle exam stress can therefore be beneficial to improve academic performance and personal well-being. Join our talk for tips

13:00 CEST
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With Rebecca from Psych2Go!
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Effective Note Taking Strategies

While note-taking can be an important part of learning, some students report being inefficient and inexperienced. In this interactive presentation, we will provide insights on effective note-taking strategies.

15:00 CEST
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With Monica & Rebecca from Psych2Go!
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Rumie Byte Club! Create a mind map to explore YOUR career paths ๐Ÿ”

Rumie Byte Club is just like a book club, except we discuss a 5-minute Rumie Byte! Every time a new engaging topic - all about your way into a successful career!

16:00 CEST
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With Kami from!
there is more to studying โ€“ mindful

Is there more to studying?

A lot more. We believe that studying is not limited to when you are focused on your uni or school topics. It includes your mental health, setting a positive mindset, organizing your study time and breaks โ€“ and enjoying the whole process! Complete your study journey by participating in our events.

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Check out our past Together Sessionsโ€“ most of them can still be re-watched online.



Preparing For the Next Step: Productive At-Home Summer Activities

Monica & Arlett for a discussion about productive summer activities you can do to prepare for the next school year! Topics range from goal setting insights, academic preparation tips, and wellness ideas.




Interviews & Public Speaking with Monica - Vol.2

Interested in improving your interview and public speaking skills? Rewatch this webinar to hear Monica Taing (University of Oxford) providing advice on just that (including tips for Oxbridge interviews)!




How to Tackle Academic Writing

Academic writing โ โ€” a formal style of writing backed up by evidence โ โ€” can be difficult to start. Join or an interactive discussion about how to tackle writing an academic essay.

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