We are creating a world where everyone enjoys learning.

We don’t settle for creating Study Together as a platform, a product or a service. We are working hard to make Study Together a social learning movement, built on a virtual study space where learners are empowered to reach their full potential together.

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Study Together, in a virtual community spread around all continents, we are making it possible for learners around the world to connect, learn, teach, share, support and help each other. Together, our team and our loyal and highly motivated community is challenging and changing the way study has been for centuries. This is huge. And we had only started...
Our story so far

Created by students,
to students worldwide 💜


July, 2020

Study Together is created as a Discord Community and grows rapidly

Nov, 2020

The community evolves, now functioning with the support of loyal volunteers, who develop exclusive bots and support the community that has already become global. 


Aug, 2021

200.000 students worldwide are part of Study Together. Study Together develops further providing users with a statistics dashboard, where they can follow their learning stats and their position on the leaderboard.

Sep, 2021

The community crosses the Discord barriers: Students can now join the study rooms directly on the Study Together website. Its members are in 160 countries around the world and in all continents - except for Antarctica 🥶.


Oct, 2021

All members of the community are now connected in a proprietary platform.

Awards & Partners

clay app

clay is partnering with us to provide our students with high quality meditation & mindfulness content.

Digital Start-up of the year

Audience Award of the Founding Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Bundesverband deutsche Startups e.V.

Member of the Federal Association of German Startups for innovative entrepreneurship


Partnership for the sustainable connection of studies and professional future

ProFit – Innovationsprojekte

Funded by the Investitionsbank Berlin as part of ProFit

European Union

Funded by the EU's Structure and Innovation Fund

breakthrough Award

Finalist in the start-up competition – category "Education & Career"

Bundesverband digitale Bildung e.V.

Member of the network for the comprehensive digitization of the educational world

Goldener Funke Special Award

German Award for Business Communication

Fraunhofer Institut

Research partnership with the renowned Fraunhofer Institute

Bundesverband digitale Wirtschaft

Partnership to promote digital business models and add value to digital technologies



The “Digital Learning Cards II” project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The focus of this project is on researching and developing innovative elements that make the previous flashcard application a pioneer in the field of digital learning. After completion of the project, the technology can be introduced to anyone who learns with flashcards (e.g. school children or adults in the field of advanced training / part-time studies / remote learning).