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Ever wished you could teleport to the library?

With thousands of students online at any given time, Study Together’s group study rooms are like a library that never closes.
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Why are Study Rooms effective?

You’re Not Alone

In a group study room, you can rely on a supportive community of thousands of like-minded students to hold you accountable and help you reach your goals.

Help for students, from students

Feeling unmotivated, stressed, or stuck? It happens to all of us. In our group study rooms, student tutors for any subject are just a click away.
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✨ Positive ✨ peer pressure

Did you know that your neurons mirror other people’s behaviour? Studying in a virtual study room with peers can help you get better grades. Try one of our virtual study rooms and smash your goals alongside thousands of other students.

Solo study rooms

Don’t feel like company? Customise a private study room in whatever way you like, choosing from a variety of custom backgrounds, ambient noise, or curated playlists. Block out the noise and the clutter at home and (virtually) commute into a private study environment that’s yours, and yours alone.
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How to get started

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Not only can you improve your grades, you’ll meet thousands of new students and even make new friends!
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Try both types of virtual study rooms to see which format works best for you.

Keep track of your success

Seeing the progress you’ve made will motivate you to keep going 💪

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