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With thousands of students from all over the globe online at any given time, Study Together is like a library that is never closed. Or like a study streaming service that continues to run and run and run...
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What is a study stream?

A continuous study stream

Study Together works like a streaming service for online learning: You can join multiple online study rooms where you either study with others or by yourself. It is totally up to you what you would like to study, how long you would like to stay or whether or not you decide to share your progress with others.

A stream of innovation

Study streaming is an innovative way to study. There is no need to go to a library anymore. Meet others online with (free) tools you are used to anyways. No commute, no stress, no problem.
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A stream of information

We have got you covered when you want to bring your studying to the next level. Our detailed analysis of your own progress and goal tracking will help you reach your study goals more easily

A stream of new friends

Every day, countless new people from around the world sign up to study with others on Study Together. Strong friendships have evolved and countless study problems were solved through tutoring.
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3 easy steps to start your own study stream:

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Start right away

Joining Study Together for free is all that stands between you and your personal study streaming.
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Get the hang of it

Every person studies differently. This is why we have different groups & learning possibilities to make it easier for you.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Time flies when you are having fun. With our detailed analytics, you will see the progress you have made already and create a habit.

Join thousands of students around the world through study streaming.