Lifestyle Tips For Students

Study Together Team




Do you ever feel like you’re working day and night but it’s just not good enough? Do you ever feel lost, wondering what you could be doing differently to get better grades? We hate to break it to you, but a lot of your current study habits are probably not doing you any favours (looking at you, all nighters and energy drinks).

Especially as you move from high school to university, and pressure increases, finding a healthy routine is important. You’ll be moving into larger classes, taking more serious exams, and reading heavier books - and you need a healthy lifestyle to keep up!

Sleep well

We’re talking quality and quantity. Getting a good night's rest is so important - sleep not only sharpens your focus for the next day, it also helps you absorb the previous day’s lectures more effectively!

Eat right

Put away that bag of crisps for dinner! We’re not saying you need to prepare a four course dinner every night, but what you should do is come up with a few easy and nutritious meals, and prepare them in advance every week. This will save you time and make sure you fuel your brain! Don’t worry, these meals don’t have to be elaborate recipes - just make sure you’re combining carbohydrates, protein, and fats to meet your nutritional needs. Stock up on pantry essentials (olive oil, salt, pepper, dried herbs), and get creative!

Some easy combinations: 

  • Wholegrain toast + mashed avocado + eggs (boiled or scrambled)
  • Chickpeas + tomato sauce + feta
  • Wholegrain porridge + pesto + parmesan 
  • Wholegrain porridge + almond or peanut butter + fresh berries
  • Quinoa or rice + tomatoes and cucumber salad + tofu

Snack efficiently

Speaking of food - we all know how tempting it is to reach for a can of red bull or a chocolate bar when we need a booster in the library. But did you know that this will just make you crash later on? 

Stock up on nutritious snacks that will keep your energy levels stable, such as:

  • A handful of nuts and a few slices of apple
  • Some dried edamame
  • Carrot sticks and hummus
  • Greek yogurt and nut butter

Walk it off

Walking is a great opportunity to move your body, to reflect, or to catch up with friends. Give yourself an hour or so a day (not necessarily consecutively!) to spend some time away from your desk - your body and your mind will thank you.  

Change up your study scenery

Your brain likes to be kept on its toes. If you’re studying from home, try out different ambient backgrounds in our virtual study rooms, and see which environment gets your productivity going!

Be smart on nights out 

University life often centres around alcohol. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t have fun, but try and be responsible. Excessive drinking negatively impacts your physical and mental health, not to mention your sleep quality and academic performance. Be safe, have fun, and remember to stay hydrated!


Find small ways to make your life more efficient, and become a creature of habit. Some examples: make your bed in the morning, pay that bill right when it comes in instead of procrastinating, call your grandma, write out your to-do-list the night before. 

Live mindfully 

A number of studies have found that students who practice mindful habits perform better on tests and have higher grades. Find realistic ways to bring mindfulness in your life - you’ll only stick with it if it’s enjoyable. Read our mindfulness guide here for inspiration.

Cut down on screen time

Instead of spending your breaks scrolling on social media, go for a walk outdoors, take in your surroundings, and listen to music. You’ll feel much more relaxed after.