Make your phone work for you, instead of against you

Study Together Team




Be honest - when’s the last time you didn’t touch your phone for more than an hour (except while sleeping, obviously)? Most of us are addicted to our devices in one way or another - because the apps we use are literally designed to make us come back for more. The problem is, when we’re studying, our phones become the enemy: hindering our concentration and distracting us from our work with bright red notifications. 

While reducing our screen time may seem daunting, we can at least make it worthwile. Below are some tips on how to establish a better relationship with your phone. 

  1. This one might seem obvious….Out of sight = out of mind. Put your phone on airplane mode or in another room, and only look at it during designated break times. This way, you can dedicate yourself fully to your tasks and fully to your social media break instead of trying to multitask. 
  1. Switch to greyscale. Those red notifications suddenly won’t seem so urgent anymore, and scrolling through Instagram will be half the fun. You can find this option in your phone’s settings. 
  1. Apps (ahem, TikTok & Instagram) are designed to be addictive. To avoid endless scrolling, use an app-blocker (we like Freedom), or use your phone’s integrated time limits function.  
  1. Do good! The app Forest offers you the following deal: don’t touch your phone for 25 minutes, and you plant a tree. Stay focused for long enough, and you can watch a forest grow. 
  1. Spring cleaning is not just relevant to your closet -  maintaining a healthy social feed is just as important. Unfollow accounts that make you feel stressed or anxious, and focus on content that makes you feel motivated.

  2. Ommmm. There’s a whole world of mindfulness apps out there that can offer you a moment of peace and quiet when you need it most. 
  1. Find a phone-sitter. If you’re really struggling, try giving your phone to a friend, sibling, or parent, and tell them to safeguard it until you complete your task.