How to Succeed If You're a Visual Learner

Study Together Team




Welcome to Chapter #1 of our series on Learning Types! Every student has a different learning style - we’ll be running through the different types, and offering study tips. Today, we’re beginning with visual learners.  

The Characteristics of Visual Learners

Visual (or spatial) learners typically absorb information best by seeing pictures or images, and work best when they incorporate colours or mind maps. They understand, and remember, things by sight. They picture what they are learning in their mind, and learn best by using methods that are primarily visual.

How to Succeed if You're a Visual Learner

Want to make the most out of your study sessions as a visual learner? We’ve put together 7 tips and tricks to help you succeed: 

  1. Write things down to remember them better.
  2. Use coloured markers to highlight your notes. Use different colours for different types of information. 
  3. Set up a visually appealing study space. 
  4. When in lectures, close any distracting tabs on your devices.
  5. Take detailed notes while studying and when in lectures, and review and highlight them shortly afterward, to help reinforce what you learned. 
  6. Make yourself coloured index cards and review them often.
  7. Draw pictures, graphs, and make mind-maps.