Back-to-School Survival Guide

Study Together Team




Back-to-School Survival Guide

With school slowly back in season, we thought we’d share some of our top back-to-school tips to help you ease your way back in. Follow them, and you’ll realise it’s like riding a bike!

  1. Supplies: what’s better than a fresh notebook and new pens? Stock up on new supplies (or reorganise your old ones) for that fresh back-to-school feeling. 
  2. Baby steps: don’t jump in head first, restart your routine with baby steps. A week before the semester starts, set your alarm a few minutes earlier each day. This way when class kicks off, you’ll be ahead of the curve.
  3. Even if your classes are digital: dress up! Working in your PJs is (sadly) not conducive to productivity. 
  4. Make a vision board for the semester: jot down BIG goals first, then get granular by month, week, and day. Research shows: when you write down your goals, you’re 42% more likely to accomplish them! 
  5. Station preparation: wipe the summer dust off your desk and clear it for a productive fall. A clear study space is crucial! Alternatively, you can transport yourself into your ideal environment (a buzzy cafe? Hogwarts library?) in our virtual study rooms. 
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! We all forget stuff over the summer, so don’t be shy to ask classmates or fellow students for help in our #chatrooms. Our free community tutors are also just a click away!
  7. Stay social! Everything’s better with friends by your side, even if they’re virtual friends. Join thousands of students just like you in our chatrooms and make friends from all over the world!
  8. Last but not least: find healthy ways to manage stress. Your mental health is super important, and you’ll only achieve your academic goals if your brain is happy. Try to sleep well, eat healthy, move enough, and take a breather every now and then.