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Our community is always open for you. It is designed to give you a productivity boost like no other. Here’s how:

Set your study goals

Set your daily, session or long term goals at the start of your study session. We will send you reminders to check on your progress and keep you motivated.


Enter a study room

Choose the type of room you’d like to join – with or without video/screen share, private with your friends or public. Whatever your style – we got you covered!

More about our rooms

Track your study time

We count your study time whenever you study together with us. Climb to the top of our Leaderboard, by studying longer and earn your “Study Master” title!

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Find your Discord study call

Study Together has different kind of study-calls to always suit your individual study needs and pace. Find which one is the best for you:

25 minute sessions

Used for 25 minutes of work, 5 minutes of break, repeat (Pomodoro technique)

50 minute sessions

Used for 50 minutes of work, 10 minutes of break, repeat (Pomodoro technique)


Turn on your camera or share your screen, to be kept accountable by others

Silent self-study

In this study call you can study using your own timers in silence. 

Private Study

In these 40 channels you can find a study partner and do 1-on-1 studying

Group Study

Here you can study in groups of 3 – 10 learners, with own private chat 

What our learners say

review hearts review hearts review hearts review hearts review hearts
Massively Helpful Server

„I’ve missed studying in the library due to lockdown etc, so this is a great place for me to study! I find the different roles very motivational, as I always want to get to the next level. I love feeling like I'm in a library when in a group and we all have our cams on 🙂 “

Productivity Booster

„I have never been so focused and productive when studying by myself before. I usually study with a group of friends to stay on track and motivate each other. Since I can’t do that right now, my friends and I joined this server BUT I have also made new friends online so that I can study with someone basically 24/7 if I really wanted too. It has been an amazing help! 💜 Thanks Study Together!“

Amazing server! Helped me a lot

„There’s a reason a lot of people are here. The system is pretty simple, and it’s does what it’s advertise: accountability. There was a 2 star review that questions why you’d have to input your task, and if you don’t, it’ll move you to afk, because this is a server that really tries to help you be accountable. I really like that. There’s different kinds of channels for everyone, cam, no cams, screen shares, ...“ Read more

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The benefits

of studying online together

Three students in video calls looking into the camera laughing

Learn online together

Research has shown: studying with others can boost your focus. Therefore our rooms connect you to a community of highly motivated students. You’ll find learners at all levels – from university to school and from all over the world. For maximum accountability you can switch on your camera or share your screen. Give it a try!

Set up for success

With Study Together, you will stay calm and de-stressed while studying – reminding you to take breaks, and giving you tools and tips to maximise accountability. 

Examples of to do lists and goal setting options within the Discord calls, as well as examples of channels which encourage sharing study tips, advice, looking for a study buddy or study group, and motivation
An example of the personal statistics students can see including study streak, study role and time spent studying, as well as leaderboard rankings. Also an example of how students can invite friends.

Sharing is caring

Sharing your successes and learning phases means double success – and fun. In our community it is super easy to find other likeminded students and make friends – which became especially important in COVID times! 

Backed by Science

Study Together uses evidence-based methods to boost your productivity, such as gamification, the psychology of imitation, mindfulness and breath work practices.

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The Creators

for StudyTogether

How do I start?

Watch the demo video – and join us on Discord!

What is Discord?

Discord is a text and video communication platform – which allows you to hang out with friends and communities.

Example of the discord channels

Discord’s communities – so-called servers –contain internal channels where you can meet people all over the world who share the same interests as you – like studying. Connect, collaborate and meet by video, audio or text.

Never used Discord before?

Discord user manual

The most important questions about the Discord server

Is Study Together free to use?
faq studytogether
Yes – the Study Together server on Discord is free for you to use. We rely on our active community and want to ensure students have a secure and motivating study space, regardless of their financial situation.
Who is Study Together for?
faq studytogether
We created Study Together for students accross the world – whether you are in high school, university, or maybe studying on the side of your work – we provide a space where you can focus and stay motivated with others.
What is Discord?
faq studytogether
Discord is a platform which allows communities to form and engage with eachother. It has different types of calls or as we call them rooms – which allow you to have a mixture of video / audio / chat. In order to use Study Together you will first need to create an account on Discord (which is free and takes a few seconds). Once you're in – you can join our server by clicking the join button above or following this link.
How do I enter a study room?
faq studytogether
Once you join our Server on Discord, you will see all of the different rooms we have on the left hand side, along with information on how many other students are currently in the call. If the room is full, you can simply scroll down to the next available one of the same type. Check out our video in the about-this-server channel for more details.
How can I invite my friends?
faq studytogether
To invite your friends using your personal link you can take the following steps:
invite friends to discord serverinvite friends to studytogether
What rules do I need to follow?
faq studytogether
You can check our our community rules here.
How do I report bad behaviour?
faq studytogether
We take our community rules seriously. If you see anyone breaking these rules, please report it to one of our team by sending a DM (direct/private message) to @Staff Support, explaining what happened. This message will be private. Your report will then get forwarded to one of our moderators, who will take necessary actions to keep the community safe. You can find the Staff Support bot on the top right hand side:
report function discord
I have technical questions about how the service works – where can I go?
faq studytogether
Here you can find an overview of some of the more practical points you need to know about how to navigate out server. We have compiled a list of the most used keyboard shortcuts and most frequently asked technical questions from the community. You can also check the about-this-server channel or the how-to-use channel.

Do it as thousands of students from all over the world – become part of the community!